The reason we see so many videos of cute kittens and other animals is because people feel good when they watch them and they want to share that good feeling with others.

So if you want people to watch, connect and share your corporate change videos, you need to consider your audience’s feelings.

Here are a few examples…

As well as having a scene where Dr Smith tell us how beneficial the new in-home video consulting system is for his patients, let’s see one of his patients, in real life.

So, we see Joyce, who has severely restricted mobility, in her own home struggling to get herself ready and cautiously walking the few metres to the car. Your audience feelshow difficult it is for Joyce to move. Cut to Joyce having a video consult with Dr Smith, in the comfort of her home, and then telling us how it saves her having to travel 200km to the nearest hospital. So much better than just hearing Dr Smith tell us how good it is. It’s all about emotional engagement.

On top of a caseworker talking about how fantastic their new integrated service for the homeless is, let’s see someone who is obviously better off for using it.

For example, Bob, who has mental health issues and has been homeless on and off for several years is shown living his life on the streets. We see Bob’s struggles. We feel for him. Then we see Bob accessing the new service first hand and talking about how much he appreciates the changes.

People feel things when they are shown real people living their lives.

We were all shocked when we saw how kids were being treated at the Don Dale Detention Centre in the NT. That story had been around for a while, but until Four Corners broadcast actual footage, people remained indifferent. Video connects like no other medium.

And the principle applies in all formats, whether it’s current affairs television or corporate video…

We feel more compassion for and connection with others when we hear about their situation and actually see them in it.

And the same applies for organisational change. Staff participating in change will move through the challenge of implementing a new system or idea more easily when they can see real benefits played out in front of them, emotions and all!

Here’s a good example of just such a video, which we recently produced for a client. Watching this, you can’t help but feel for the people involved:

Joe Hughes

Joe Hughes

Founded Magpie Creative in 2014 after a long career as an IT Project Manager, including working on several large change programs. Magpie Creative specialises in creating engaging videos focussed on helping organisations implement change.