Why animated explainer videos work

Animated motion graphics explainers can be a great way to PROMOTE your PROJECT… These days, if you want to promote something to any audience, video is a must. If a video is available, 60% of visitors will opt to watch it before reading any text.  Our brains process...

You must understand your video’s audience

If you want to create a powerful video that leaves a lasting impression then you need to plan everything with your audience in mind… The videos that work are the ones that people connect with on some level.  They relate to it.  They feel engaged because it speaks to...

5 reasons why video will improve your change management project

One of the most important aspects of managing and leading change is gaining and keeping your stakeholders’ attention. Every day your audience is bombarded with a ton of information in one form or another. Your message needs to stand out. Video can make a...

STORY is vital to your video

So you want a professional video for your change project that connects with your audience in a meaningful way? Then you need to tell a great story. Why? We are wired to connect with story Story has been used for centuries to teach, and for good reason....

Are you connecting emotionally with your video audience?

The reason we see so many videos of cute kittens and other animals is because people feel good when they watch them and they want to share that good feeling with others. So if you want people to watch, connect and share your corporate change videos, you...

Change management videos – 10 tips for success

Video can be a powerful tool in your quest to create sustainable change. The question is, how can you make sure that your video is going to do the job? Keep these important tips in mind when you are planning your change management video. 1. Show the WHY of...

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