So you want a professional video for your change project that connects with your audience in a meaningful way?

Then you need to tell a great story.


We are wired to connect with story

Story has been used for centuries to teach, and for good reason. Well crafted stories have a certain structure, one we understand innately. There is usually some sort of problem in the beginning, then something important happens, and there is a change, and a learning. A well made video, using effective story telling techniques, brings the viewer into a world which they feel part of. The audience becomes a participant rather than an observer.

Story inspires
One of the most powerful things you can do with story is to move someone emotionally. This can help create an environment where your change is more likely to be embraced. Whatever problem your change is addressing, telling it as a story can make the problem relatable and the solution inspiring. A meaningful narrative can convey transformation in a way in that your audience will want to get behind and champion.

Story engages
Many of us have had the experience in our school days of trying to remember a list of facts about a particular time in history with no context or story to give it life. How boring and difficult that was. Conversely, if we had a teacher skilled at recounting the same facts in story form, how much easier and more appealing the lesson was. We engage with story. And video is an extremely effective medium for storytelling.

Storytelling is a skill
When creating a video for your change program, it’s easy to get lost trying to convey the information, whilst neglecting story. The information and messaging is important, but without story, you may fail to connect with your stakeholders. That’s why it’s important to get help from people who know story and who have the skills and experience using video to tell great story.

Joe Hughes

Joe Hughes

Founded Magpie Creative in 2014 after a long career as an IT Project Manager, including working on several large change programs. Magpie Creative specialises in creating engaging videos focussed on helping organisations implement change.